ASWEC Australasian Software Engineering Conference

ASWEC, The Australasian Software Engineering Conference is an annual conference. The conference series is managed by the ASWEC Steering Committee, the chair is Dr Jocelyn Armarego .

Planned ASWEC conferences

ASWEC2014 the 23rd Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC) will be held on April 7—10 2014 at the Vibe Hotel, Milson’s Point, Sydney.
ASWEC 2014 the 23rd Australasian Software Engineering Conference Sydney, Australia April 7 — 10 2014

ASWEC Steering Committee members

Recent past ASWEC conferences

The conference series is hosted by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) via the Computer Systems and Software Engineering Technical board (CSSE Tech Board) and Engineers Australia (IE Aust) via the National Committee on Software Engineering (NCSWE).

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